Sunday, March 29, 2009


Watched 'Dasvidania' movie this weekend... there are some movies which remain in you even after the show is over... when they touch your heart... when they stir your soul.

There was a sequence when Vinay Pathak, infinitely shy and hesitant, proposes to Neha Dhupiya... the concept was so beautifully thought and woven... the foundation of dumb charades... and the silent and slow actions of Pathak... his magical smile... the rain, adding to a sense of stress during those moments... very few writers and directors would have shown a scene like this in its very purity, as in the movie.

It was innocent, cute and magical... touched my heart.

Another thing that caught my attention was a scene between Vinay Pathak and his younger brother in the movie, discussing how the mother will be taken care of. Though in last 10 years bollywood has experimented a lot with scenes of a longer duration, and we have had even complete songs being filmed in a single shot without a break, or atleast an apparent break (O chhori, zara nach ke dikha, e.g.), this movie had this very long single shot sequence which was a difficult attempt with so many dialogues and emotions. Perhaps the intensity of the scene would have been marred had it been shot in multiple shots, with discontinuity in emotions depicted by the actors.

Bollywood is evolving surely, thanks to these new generation film makers, and equally the new generation movie watchers, who dont approve a movie on its star value, but on its content!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Definition of Status

Buying things you don't need, with money you don't have, to show people you don't like!

- Sent through SMS by a friend.