Saturday, June 5, 2010

Car safety isn't a luxury item

Really liked this article!


In terms of road fatalities India clocks a shocking 92,618 deaths every year, second only to China’s 107,077 deaths. Compare that to the United Kingdom that has just 3,221 road fatalities despite having more cars on the road. The reasons are plenty - education, infrastructure, emergency services - but it has a lot to do with the cars themselves and how safe they actually are.

Not convinced? I tested the Indica with the now-optional ABS brakes and she takes 12.74 metres LESS to grind to a dead stop from 80kmph. Put another way, when faced with that moment your Indica will take four car lengths less to stop. In the wet you can comfortably double that figure. Not just that, you will retain full steering control giving you a better chance of steering around that cow or tractor.

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Friday, June 4, 2010


Clever Wife: Suno ji, doctor ne mujhe 10 din aaraam karne ke liye kisee hill station par jaane kee salaah dee hai. Toh bataaiye, hum kahaa jaa rahe hain??

Intelligent Husband: Doosre doctor ke paas!!!