Sunday, August 23, 2009

The world of higher realm of creativity

Read the below comment on this article on A. R. Rahman. Words showing the magic of the sufism!



Simply great! Enligtening! There is no doubt that “spiritual innermost” is linked (to) the world of higher realm of creativity! The world of purer meditative silence! Therefore, every great Sufi saint came up, after his meditative leap in that world, with pearls of musical wisdom–the harmonious and soothing wisdom! I am also of the humble fans of Rehman!


Jamshed Iqbal

A Crown of Thorns- Gandhi on 15th Aug 1947

"Today, you have worn on your heads a crown of thorns...... You have to remain ever wakeful on that seat. You have to be more truthful, more non-violent, more humble and more forbearing. You had been put to test during the British regime. But in a way it was no test at all. But now there will be no end to your being tested. Do not fall a prey to the lure of wealth. May God help you! You are there to serve the villages and the poor."

-Mahatma Gandhi, on 15th August 1947, when the ministers of the new government of West Bengal visited him in Calcutta.