Sunday, November 25, 2007

An article by Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

I found this article on the net by actress and singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi. The truthfulness in the article can not stop me but to post the article on my blog.


Where is the love?

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi- April 22, 2007

The world around me is changing…or perhaps it’s just me thats changing-maybe I’m finally able to see things from a more rounded perspective.

I have to admit I’m a bit jaded. I’ve been out of it for too long,
actually make that forever.

Even my parents have been encouraging me to go out –not just with my girlfriends but also to meet guys on dates etc. “It dosent have to be serious you know -just enjoy yourself” they tell me
now I know the world is really changing!!

Just the other day my teenage neice played me a song that’s a huge hit in school and college campuses all around India. Its called “Soota na Milla” supposed to be anti tobacco song… looks like the underground music scene is India is coming of age… but the lyrics…Oh my God! I’m still blushing…BC & MC & (*%^%) “so what’s the bid deal-I think its so cool “ she said ,eyes closed and her head nodding to the beat of the song, the butterfly tattoo at the base of her spine shining.
Jeans have to definitely be worn below the tattoo I’m instructed. “Cool na”?

So I’m trying to catch up with cool.
In an effort to expand my universe and throw my blinkers out, I’ve been going out a lot. Travelling, partying, doing things I’ve never done before, trying to overcome my fears and inhibitions, putting myself out there and trying to see the world devoid of my earlier conditioning.The judge has fallen off the moral highhorse and is slowly turning into a dinosaur

I discover
there is a communication explosion
The demarcations of age, sex, economic status etc are blurring and people are suddenly happy to just be people. The online friendship and dating sites have miraculously shrunk the world, and no one is a stranger anymore. People are feeling less isolated.

Some are single, some are attached, some are dangling at a precarious angle between single- double, single- triple, while some are multiple only please etc. And yes some are happily married and monogamous too.
One repeatedly announces that she is a lesbian when asked what she does. Hello-since when did that become a profession? Whatever… I’m learning to not ask too many questions
I’m also learning to be anonymous, blend in, and play the part of observer.
Sometimes my face comes in the way. When people ask me if I’m Suchitra I deny it & announce myself as her twin sister Sitara!
Some actually believe me, while most don’t ,but the hilarity of it seems to set the tone for the interactions that follow.

I discover
sexuality is open.
People talk about it in very simple terms.
It is refreshingly candid and a far cry from the cloak and dagger hypocrisy of the past.
I learn that to some sex is merely a bodily function-almost like going to the toilet. They just have to let it out.There is no thought or emotion attached to it.
Many do it for proffesional gain –and no they don’t see anything wrong in it. So what if the boss has a wife/ husband-that they say is the bosses problem.
After all isn’t “I saw losing my virginity as a career move” one of Madonna’s most famous quotes?
Discussion of these issues is no longer taboo
Yes people watch porn-and log on to porn sites
There seems to be no guilt or shame in anything anymore.
Everything is consensual and to each his own.
Some people are dating with a vengence while some people are dating till they find the right one
More and more older women are dating younger men- economic independence has erased the lines of earlier traditional norms.
People meet on line and meet up on holidays across the country or sometimes the world.
People are determined to enjoy themselves.

I discover a whole new vibe.
There is a controlled aggression in the way people are going about their lives.
Everybody is fiercely individualistic. As long as they get what they want their world is a happy place.
They are out there, working hard, earning well, partying hard, exercising hard, and living life on their own terms.

I discover a whole new vocabulary where
Attitude is the key word.
Memory is a selective word
Promiscuous is definitely not a bad word
Honest is an untrue word
Selfish is a good word
Morality is a debatable word
Friendship is an all encompassing word

I have been discovering so many things
and though I’m still wildly oscillating between being jaded and catching up with cool
I’m actually having myself a really good time… but yet, I cant help thinking…
In all this… where is the love?
Is this my tipping point? :-) am I on the verge of discovering a brand new meaning of love…

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