Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nida Fazli

After Kabeer, I have found so much depth in Nida Fazli's poetry only, if you see the Hindi/ Hindustani Poetry. It was a pleasant surprise to see his poetry now available on the web also.

If you get time, do have a read of some of his books like Khoya Hua sa kuchh and Aankhon bhar aakaash.

I am giving links to some of his my personal favorites, and the collection as well. But remember, the poems given at the web collections are neither the all of his poems, and nor his best ones. You will need to buy the books to know what he is.

"किरन-किरन अलसाता सूरज
पलक-पलक खुलती नींदें
धीमे-धीमे बिखर रहा है
ज़र्रा-ज़र्रा जाने कौन..."

मस्जिदों-मन्दिरों की दुनिया में


निदा फ़ाज़ली की रचनाएँ

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