Monday, July 12, 2010

Journalism- A Nobel Profession, or Just Business?

I reckon Arjun Singh as one of the worst politicians India has produced. Was burst into a strong disgust after reading the below lines in Times of India. The article discussed why the Bhopal media never criticized Arjun Singh for releasing Anderson (Union Carbide Chief) 25 years back. How media was made a puppet of politicians during that regime.


Times of India, 11th June 2010

This is the truth of journalism in Bhopal 25 years back. Hardly anyone criticised Arjun Singh in those days. His hold over media was supreme. During his tenure, some 250 journalists were given government accommodation in Bhopal. With a roof over their head, paying paltry sums of Rs 100 as rent for a ministerial bungalow, many became faithful followers. Some weekly papers with ridiculous titles like 'Dum Dum Diga Diga' came into the market and immediately started getting government advertisements. Overnight, one could see people with nothing else to do in life enter journalism, often practicing the yellow variety. But it didn't matter to the chief minister as long as they didn't criticise him. There were more rewards for those who helped him target his enemies.

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