Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What to do if ATM transaction fails?

In October 2009, Phadke withdrew Rs 1,000 from an ATM. After the transaction failed, he withdrew the money again. This time, it was successful. However, his account showed two debit transactions. Though he lodged two complaints with the bank by January 2010, he didn't receive any response.

Phadke chanced upon a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) circular that said that in case of a failed ATM transaction, the bank should refund the money by 12 days or pay a penalty of Rs 100 a day from the day of receiving the complaint. This penalty should be paid directly to the customer's account, without the customer asking for it, the circular said. When Phadke showed this circular to the branch manager, he immediately got Rs 1,000 against the failed transaction. Subsequently, he filed an RTI application with the details of the RBI circular, following which the bank paid him Rs 6,500, the penalty for the delayed payment for the failed transaction.

Using RTI, Phadke secured similar information from three banks that hadn't paid compensation to customers. He says the amount runs into crores of rupees.


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