Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Portfolio Scrips

These are the companies I have invested in. I dont invest in cyclic old economy stocks as these involve extensive follow up and labour, with nominal, although less risky returns. My choice of area is the new economy sunrise sectors.

The stock idea should have a big long term potential, excellent management, an early mover and possibly catering to the great Indian middle class or else export oriented. There should be something in the story that can make me believe that if clicked, the idea can make a significant change in my portfolio.

Of late I have gained interest in software stocks also, which has made the portfolio loaded with some of these stocks. More are to come. One or two media stocks can also find place.

I recognize that 22 scrips is a huge number as far as the no. of scrips advisable in a portfolio. It should have been ideally 6-12. And I do recognize it's a symbol of investor under-confidence to invest in more and more companies. OK! my major holdings at present are in IBREALEST, Geoinfo, ENIL, Polaris, Indiabulls & Mindtree. & these companies account for over 70% of the portfolio. Other companies have a minor share of the pie.

I like to follow Vinod Sethi, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani & and some mutual funds/ magazines also while selecting stocks. Though lack of time many times doesn't allow to do intensive research.

Next few months I aspire to learn technical & fundamental analysis of stocks. Till the next posting in this field,

Good bye!

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