Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Q: If you were still with Morgan Stanley and I sent you a fresh MBA recruit, what will be your advice to him?

A: There are hundreds of smart people who come to my office. What I see is in short supply today is courage, risk-taking, leadership, integrity, patience, faith. I think those are the qualities I would encourage an MBA to develop and discourage this false prop that I'm an MBA and so I have arrived. I can see why Bill Gates or Dhirubhai Ambani did well. These sort of soft, touchy-feely qualities are the ones which are really in short supply today. I don't think education can get you there. I think life can get you there. Yes education is very important but I don't think your life begins once your education ends. I think your real education begins when life starts. So what you do post-education, in your 20s and 30s is very vital.

- Vinod Sethi, one of India's most respected investors.

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