Monday, March 24, 2008

you must brutally and unflinchingly question

While this may seem the simplest enough line of questioning to follow, it is in fact the most difficult to live. For to be honest to it, you must brutally and unflinchingly question. It is not widely popular, because it is time consuming. You will not arrive at your answers today, or tomorrow, or probably even in this lifetime. It will not seem like focus to many, but it is far more satisfying than focus, for like the tea-taster, you will have tasted 10,000 cups of tea, and spat them out, before you will have found that one perfect and most beautiful brew. You will have sharpened and honed your standards of perfection, of purity, and with each step up the short list, you will have the confidence that comes from edging towards absolute- and not half- Truth.

Why would you want to do it?

Probably because that emptiness you feel from time to time, in the living and the loving of everyday life, is that nagging sense, that this, whatever this is at this point of time for any of you who have felt it, is just not it.

- Taken from an online blog article "The Neti Principle"

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