Monday, December 15, 2008


"The primary purpose of a school is to guide the child in her discovery of herself and her world, and to identify and nurture the child’s talents. Just as every seed contains the future tree, each child is born with infinite potential. Imagine a school which sees children as seeds to be nurtured – here the teacher is a gardener who helps to bring out the potential already present in the child. This is very different from the current view which sees the child as clay to be moulded – where the teacher and parents are potters deciding what shape the clay should take. There is an old (and forgotten) Chinese saying, “Give a seed to a potter, and you will get a bonsai.”

-Wipro Chairman Azim Premji, in a Times of India article on Education.

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Himanshu @ Eklavya said...

Well said. Also similar thoughts are being shared in worldwide community by so many people who have an understanding of learning. You might like to read them in more detail. My suggestion is John Holt, if you could arrange some of his writings.I can also arrange them for you.