Friday, January 16, 2009

CVV No. and Credit Card Security

You are safe till your CVV number falls in the wrong hands. The police have stumbled on a credit card racket in which CVV numbers have been misused.

When the customer gives the card for swiping, the card number comes in the receipt with other details. All the person swiping the card has to remember is the CVV number. In restaurants, there's even enough time to note it down, along with other details like validity period.

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Remember to do the following with your Credit card Information:

1. Scratch out to invisibility the CVV number from the credit card. There's absolutely no need to keep the CVV no. on the card. Keep it in your memory, diary or mobile.

2. Don't write the credit card no. and the CVV number at one place.

3. Apply for the password for online usage for your credit card, the extra security measure.

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