Saturday, April 11, 2009

1984 Delhi anti-sikh riots

"However, the rioters found my friend Baldev. They thrashed and threw him from the balcony to the road below and then threw a quilt and bed sheet over him before lighting a matchstick. He was burnt alive and I was still locked inside the bathroom.

After about an hour, I and many other Sikhs in the vicinity were rescued by the military. While I was being taken in a military truck to the refugee camp at the Shyamlal College, I could find so many half-burnt bodies all around. There was so much of foul smell all around."

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इंसानों में भगवान भी मिलते हैं, इंसानों में हैवान भी मिलते हैं

पर कभी कभी लगता है, इंसानों में भगवान बहुत कम

और हैवान बहुत ज्यादा मिलते हैं

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