Thursday, April 23, 2009

Narendra Modi

We all know Narendra Modi for what he did after Godhra episode. 1,000 innocent people lost their lives. If someone has some grudge with some people, he or she should go and settle the score with those people, what is the sense of punishing innocents for that? What difference will there be between a terrorist and him or her?

But on a different note I just happened to come across an interview of Narendar Modi on the development of Gujarat... and I was shocked to see the achievements... also shocked why the media never gave this information.

Some of the points from the interview:

  • Manmohan Singh government's targeted agricultural growth of four per cent is stuck at 2.5%. The agricultural growth in my Gujarat is 14%, but no one looks at it.
  • And today my state has 100 per cent girl-child enrollment. You don't think this is work?
  • From 40%, today we have 80% to 85% of the deliveries happening in hospitals.... But you are not interested in this.
  • 'justice delayed is justice denied'...more than one crore pending cases. After our initiatives, there are only 20 lakh pending court cases. Now my target is that by 2010, when Gujarat will complete 50 years, we will make it no-pendency. Cases will be disposed of in the very year they are filed.
  • You tell me, since Independence, in the field of justice delivery, has so much work been accomplished anywhere?


I was shocked with surprize to see these achievements!!!!

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