Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cric Jokes


Sachin's SON: Mummy mummy !! dekho papa six pe six maar rahe hain

Sachin's WIFE: Beta theek se dekho,advertisement hoga


After the shameful defeat of Team India ,
the team members were not able to
show their faces to people and they
chose not to go in public and rather
just pack up in hotel rooms.

Dravid could not resist for too long to be
in the hotel room and still not be able to go out shopping.
So he disguises himself as a Sardar and goes out.
He meets a woman at the exit of the hotel
who greets him "Hi Dravid!"

Surprised for having been caught he
comes back and makes himself up as
a muslim woman - in Burkha etc and goes
out. Yet the same woman greets
him "Hi Dravid!".

Dravid comes back
determined to give it yet another try with the make up
of a Hippie wig and shorts etc.
All in vain, the same lady catches him
again and greets him "Hi Dravid!".

Bewildered by now, he could not help asking, "How did you
recognise me?"

The lady replied - "I am Sachin!"

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