Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dealing with corruption and work-evasion

One can lodge complaints if any problem arises while dealing with Government officials or departments like Passport Office, Electricity board, BSNL/MTNL, Railways, PSU banks etc. Directorate of Public Grievances has facilitated this website. Why I have included this in my blog is, that this complaint system is actually reported by people to be working and asking for explanation from the concerned govt. officials!

Use it whenever you feel frustrated and let down by the system. It may work!

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Rakesh said...

Letter to be posted to M.T.N.L

APPEAL : MTNL TRIBAND USAGE DISPLAY… This is for everyone to be aware of.
To… M.T.N.L
{Earlier after logging in the
The Triband Session History Details of LAST MONTH usage used to be displayed, now why only the current month session is displayed.
Request you to resume the earlier display in which current as well as the last month usage used to be displayed.
In the telephone bill also the usage should be displayed in a proper way preparing column in which the figures be displayed for which we are being charged.
Request EARLY REPLY from M.T.N.L. as to why it cannot be done.}


TOGETHER WE ALL CAN GET IT DONE: by filling the complaint/suggestion of MTNL.

Open in the browser window.
Fill your… Name, Phone no, e-mail address.
Copy the above (IN BRACKETS) and paste. Press send.
You will immediately get your complaint/suggestion: Reference no.
Record it copy/paste in note pad and save. You will need details.
For future action taken by M.T.N.L
Crosscheck later by Clicking…
For action taken by M.T.N.L by clicking… Track Your Complaint in the same page, upper right hand corner.
Opening put your reference number & telephone no.